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the 2019 meeting

the 2019 meeting

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SOUTH and FUTURI is much more than a project: it is the desire to really change things. But how to do it? How to do it together?
This is our bet: start charting the way – the roads – to be an active part of what will be. Because it is no longer time to look from the outside to judge the work of others: we must build together the future of ourselves and the new generations.

Today, tomorrow is built. But you have to do it with a strong idea, with an overall strategy, able to get in and network every sector.
From culture to legality, from development to artificial intelligence, from doing business to administering the public thing, ours is a 360-degree look, made possible by the contaminations and synergies between the protagonists of our change.

SOUTH and Future, an idea and “urgent choice” of the Magna Grecia Foundation,starts from the first report on the future of the South:an innovative study that anticipates the economic and political-social scenarios of Southern Italy in the next twenty years, commissioned in Skopìa by the foundation. The presentation of the results is the beginning of the three-day journey in which more than 50 protagonists of economics, culture, the university, the judiciary, journalism, networked with international realities, will provide the ideas and the proposals that could lead to a turnaround in southern development policies.