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There is no development without culture

There is no development without culture

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We know this well: culture is at the heart of any development. That’s why in building #SUDeFUTURI Saturday afternoon we created three different thematic tables, with a unique narrative.
We started with territorial development and some emblematic case histories. We found the Silk Road, started from the recovery of an ancient tradition, in a small village of San Floro (Cz), through the desire of some young people to return home to leave a trace. We discovered the beneficial properties of bergamot, which only fruites in the Jonica Regiment, through the story of an industrial reality that has been declared the only real novelty of nutraceuticals at the last Vitafood Salon (Geneva). We are passionate about the growth and the new editorial bets of a reality that has now established itself as a focal point of information in Southern Italy. From the individual stories we have moved on to examine the national and international political and economic actions that can – which must help our excellences to become a rule, and not an exception.

Working for development: orientation, work, employability
coordinated by Paola Bottero and Alessandro Russo Journalists, writers
with stresses by Giovanna Casadio Parliamentary journalist of the Republic,writer

Territorial development: case histories, examples and best practices
Antonella Dodaro Southern Daily Editor
Vincenzo Mollace Professor of Pharmacology, Scientific Director of H&AD
Michela Giuffrida Journalist, former MeP
Ivano Spallanzani former President Bank of Sassari, former President Confcraft Enterprises
Dominic Vivino Silk Nest Cofounder

A very quick change of speakers, and away to data and weaknesses: the truth operation in the spotlight of #SUDeFUTURI.

Interventions and policies for the South: Operation Truth
Raffaele Bonsignore President of the Sicilian Foundation
Antonello Colosimo Judge of the Court of Auditors
Nino Foti President of the Magna Greece Foundation
Roberto Neapolitan Director of the Other Voice of Italy

Identity and history, roots, memory and its representation: the closing of the second day was a crescendo of emotions and narration. Starting from the trailer of the film “Aspromonte – the land of the last”, the cultural table was led by linking together the ideas and experiences of the speakers, to search together for the best way to create development through culture.

Telling the territory: the growth of the South passes from culture
coordinated by Paola Bottero and Alessandro Russo Journalists, writers

Claudio Bocci Managing Director of Federculture
Mimmo Calopresti director
Toto Cordaro Assessor Territory and Environment Sicilian Region
Paride Leporace Director of Lucana Film Commission
Fulvio Lucisano Film producer
Josephine Paterniti Director TG3
Antonio Scuderi CEO of Capital Culture