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Magna Greece Foundation

Magna Greece Foundation

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Creating organic and level comparisons to identify ideas and actions that could (but we like to write can) ensure the development of the South: ours, but also the other Souths of the world, still lagging behind the “North”. This is the purpose of the Foundation that built and made SOUTH and FUTURI possible.

The Magna Grecia Foundation is an international think tank that promotes the cultural, social and economic growth of southern Italy. Founded in 2009, it is born from the heritage of relationships, know-how and experience of the International Association Magna Greece, an organization founded in 1986. The Foundation continues to mission to promote the culture of Magna Greece, both as an element of promotion of the South and Italy in the world, and as an element of bonding and rediscovering the social and cultural roots for Italians of origin and expanding it by promoting all those sectors, territories or players, public and private, which are a specific excellence in the South, in order to represent its positivity, potential and attractiveness in the world.

To give a real breakthrough that can leave marks and start to really build a virtuous path requires a confrontation and we need synergies: this has always been the thought of Nino Foti, President of FMG. The meeting is the starting point of the SOUTH and FUTURI project.