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The Magna Grecia Prize 2019 to Federico Faggin

The award of the International Magna Grecia Prize 2019,made by master goldsmith Gerardo Sacco, took place during the gala dinner on Saturday, October 5, 2019, in the Art Nouveau scenario of the Ancient Bathing Establishment built in 1912 in Mondello. This year the award given by the Magna Grecia Foundation has become an important moment of the “SUD and FUTURI” meeting.

It was Sandra Savaglio who was Federico Faggin’s godmother, “that with his genius has made humanity a better place, where technologies are at the service of people. Inventor of the microchip and father of the touch screen, the scientist has never forgotten to be first and foremost the man Federico Faggin, able to bring to the world the deepest values of our culture and our history. Science must free man from needs and not enslave him: this is the first lesson he has given us and continues to give us, continuing his battle against those who consider human beings simple digital emanations and data on which to build increments of capital”. These are the reasons with which Nino Foti presented the International Magna Greece Prize 2019 “to a man who makes us very proud to be Italian”.

The Award was joined by the Special Career Award. Josephine Paterniti was the godmother of Fulvio Lucisano, “for telling through his films the story of an Italy full of contradictions but also of passion and creative genius. Through cinema our country has managed to establish itself in the World as the cradle of a new humanism and a new humanity, as a forge of talent and culture. Fulvio Lucisano has given luster to Italy without ever being over the top, with a sobriety and elegance that the whole world of cinema recognizes by continuing to give him national and international awards”.
Lucisano “perfectly embodies the values of the Magna Greece Foundation – it still reads in the motivation – that’s why we give him a special recognition to the career, but not only: because he is the story, it is the present and it is also the future of the our cinema.”