opening #SUDeFUTURI

In Palermo something intense and strong happened: the beginning of the new path that is SOUTH and PROSPECTIVES.
For the many who have been there, but also for those who would have liked to be there and failed to come, here is a selection of shots [by Pierpaolo Lo Giudice and Giordano Bufo] to relive some of the most important moments made possible by the idea, the bet and the work Magna Greece Foundation.

Friday, October 4th, everything was ready by the morning. The police arrived first, then the protagonists of the international meeting and our guests.

The room is full, the desire to start sharing. In front of a parterre of the highest level, at 15:30 on Friday 4 October 2019 began the I international meeting organized by the Magna Grecia Foundation. The opening of the works gave the pace: fast, synthetic, focused on expectations and insights.
Then came the presentation of the I report on the futures of the South.

Institutional greetings: presentation of the conference and indication of the strategic nodes of SOUTH and FUTURI
Nino Foti President of the Magna Greece Foundation
with Paola Bottero and Alessandro Russo Journalists

Presentation of the 1st report on the future of the South: methodology, results, projections
Roberto Poli Unesco Chair on Anticipation Systems, President of Skopìa Anticipation Services

The transition from numbers and anticipations to the reflections of those who work at national and international level in favor of Southern Italy is seamless.
Governing the South:we entrusted Paolo Mieli with the “government” of the political-institutional table. The following came reflections that served as the starting point for the following thematic tables.

Governing the South
coordinated by Paolo Mieli Journalist and essayist

Dominic Arcuri AD Invitalia
Luke Bianchi Director Svimez, Association for Industry Development in the South
Carlo Burgundy Foundation President with the South
Nino Foti President of the Magna Greece Foundation
John Immordino President Order Lawyers Palermo
Giusto Catania Assessor for Mobility of the Municipality of Palermo
Saverio Romano Vice-President Magna Grecia Foundation, Head of Department for the South, Eurispes
Renato Schifani Senator, former President of the Senate of the Republic