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international table

international table

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#SUDeFUTURI opened the second day with an international table of the highest thickness: the protagonists arrived from Albania, Canada, Greece, Lebanon, Malta, USA, who followed with interest all the working tables, gave solicitations and ideas of very high thickness, on which new collaborations have already begun in the Mediterranean basin.

SOUTH, where Europe and Africa prepare for the future
coordinated by
Angelo Persichilli former press office chief of the Canadian Prime Minister
Fabrizio Frullani Journalist TG2

Albert Aoun Chairman of the Lebanese Italian Business Council
Mira Daher Violides Ambassador of the Republic of Lebanon to the Italian State
Arthur Gajarsa Judge Federal Court of Appeal, USA
Joseph Gauci President of KSI and representative of the Republic of Malta at the European Chamber of Commerce and Economic Industry (GEIE)
Pandeli Majko Minister of State for the Diaspora, Tirana, Albania
Saverio Romano Vice-President Magna Grecia Foundation and Head of Department for the South, Eurispes
Panagiotis Roumeliotis former Minister of Economy, President of Attika Bank, Athens, Greece